Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Advantages & Disadvantages of Running as Exercise

Running is an enormously popular form of exercise. According to Running USA, In 2012, close to 30 million Americans went running at least 50 times. To the casual observer, the reasons for its widespread appeal seem as evident as the factors that would lead lots of would-be exercisers to quickly reject it. So what are the greatest advantages and disadvantages of being a distance runner?

Physical Benefits

If weight loss is your primary goal, then running has a clear advantage over other activities; according to, it burns more calories per unit of time than any other type of exercise -- upward of 1,000 calories per hour for some people. Running also strengthens your heart, helps you keep your blood pressure under control, tones and strengthens your legs and can improve your blood cholesterol profile. If you participate in a sport that requires aerobic fitness, such as soccer or basketball, preseason running can help bring you to the start of the season in top condition.

Physical Drawbacks

If you've been a runner for any length of time, it's a good bet that some well-meaning couch potato has warned you that you'll wind up trashing your knees. While this is grossly overstated at best, there's no denying that the biomechanical impact of some 1,500 foot strikes per mile can lead to joint problems, stress fractures, low-back pain and other maladies, especially if you run on asphalt or concrete.
In addition, in May 2013, the "Wall Street Journal" reported the results of a study that suggested that running more than about 30 miles a week may increase the buildup of plaque in the arteries of your heart.

Mental and Psychosocial Benefits

While running's visible and under-the-hood benefits to your physical self may be your main motivation for making a habit of it, it also has a wealth of advantages over other, non-aerobic forms of exercise on your psychological state. Although these are not as easy to quantitate as such things as blood pressure and weight, running can produce an elevation in mood, improved self-esteem, a more positive body image and a decrease in depression-related symptoms. Also, it can enhance your social life -- you might join a running club and expand your circle of friends, or even meet a romantic partner at a race.

Mental and Psychosocial Drawbacks

Running may not be the ideal activity for people with certain social or mental inclinations. Because you don't require any other people to do it, if you are prone to social isolation, running may exacerbate this tendency and leave you separated from sources of needed support. If you suffer from an eating disorder, running may lead you to focus even more on your weight and your food intake and drive you further into unhealthy and even dangerous patterns. If you run competitively, you may put such a high amount of pressure on yourself to succeed that running stops being fun and becomes merely one more source of stress.

Exploring Natural Breast Enhancement

Conventional wisdom would note that such a thing is not possible. Most would said you are born with certain genetics and how your body develops will be based on those genetics. If you wish to alter the size of your breasts, you do have an option and it comes in the form of undergoing the traditional cosmetic surgery procedure many other thousands of women have.
But, is this conventional wisdom correct? The truth of the matter is there are serums on the market which profess the ability to enhance the breasts in a natural manner. There will be skeptics who believe that natural breast enhancement is not possible.
When you look at the grand history of herbal supplements over the centuries, you will discover herbs have been used for a wide range of different purposes. A number of those purposes might prove to be quite surprising. And yes, among the purposes those herbal remedies serve would be the potential to increase and enhance the size of a woman’s breasts.
Today, these herbal ingredients have been made into modern serums which are offered for sale on the cosmetic market. For many, herbal enhancement products such as these may prove to be the perfect alternative to the option of undergoing surgery. Considering some of the complications which may derive from breast enlargement surgery, an alternative treatment method could prove to be the perfect choice for those wishing for a far less invasive process.
What would be among the main ingredients which would be found in a natural breast enhancement serum? There are a few helpful ingredients and they would include Pueraria mirifica which is an herb that originates in Thailand. This herb has a storied history where it was used to enhance the size of a woman’s breast. It is believed that this herb can have an effect on estrogen in the body (a female hormone) which may result in an increase in breast size.
Natural Breast EnhancementAmong the most beneficial of all the natural breast enhancement products on the market would be the topical serum Triactol. In fact, it can be considered the best of the best. One of the reasons for this is it has developed an extract of Pueraria mirifica dubbed Mirofirm. This extract is unique to this product which makes Triactol highly unique among the other breast enhancement serums and products which are available on the market.

There are other natural ingredients found in the blend which comprises Triactol. The wide range of different ingredients is another reason why this serum can be considered the best of the best.
The ingredients have also not been errantly combined together without any serious consideration to truly create an effective finished product. A unique process is employed to create the actual serum.
Now, the manufacturer is never going to reveal publicly how it blends its numerous ingredients together as this would be a trade secret. Revealing it would not be helpful for sales even though doing so might instill more confidence in the many potential consumers.
So, you will have to look towards other ways of enhancing your confidence towards making a purchase of this serum. Among the best ways to do this would be to read testimonials by those who have purchased the product. The minute you read a few of the well written testimonials promoting the value of this serum, it becomes obvious why it can be considered the best natural breast enhancement formula.
Those who do look closer at it will realize Triactol truly is a unique and original product. For those women seeking anatural breast enhancement method, it just might turn out to be the perfect option to explore.

The Good and Downside of Breast Enhancements

Breast Enhancement is something that continues to be popular with a lot of women. This is because women are really obsessed about the size of their breasts. They believe that if they have big breasts, they will be more beautiful and many men will be attracted to them. Women also believe that a lot of men are obsessed with a woman’s big breasts. This is the main reason why they try every breast enhancement option available. Unfortunately, breast enhancements do not just bring benefits. There are also many downsides to it.
Benefits of Breast Enhancements
  • Basically breast enhancements are very popular because women just really want bigger breasts. As such, there really is a big market for these procedures. In fact, it is so popular; it became a multi-billion dollar in just a few decades. Its popularity has actually changed the way movie stars, fashion models and ordinary women in a position of power looks like.
  • Breast enhancements are also a big help in boosting a woman’s confidence. Women with small breasts are very self conscious. They feel that they cannot be proud of their bodies. However, if they get their breasts enhanced, they can be more confident and ready to face the world regardless of whatever challenges are in place. This is the main reason why even women who have a limited budget are still willing to work hard and save up enough money just o make sure that they can afford the breast enhancement procedures that they are interested in.
The Downside of Breast Enhancements
  • Breast enhancements can be very addicting. In fact, it can be addicting to the point that it is already detrimental. There are women who are very self conscious with their breasts that they feel that their breasts are not good enough. When things go wrong, they end up getting very huge breast implants that are no longer aesthetically pleasing. All they ever want is to get the biggest breasts possible. This is not a healthy attitude to be in.
  • Breast enhancements can also go wrong particularly if the person doing the enhancement procedure is not actually qualified to do the work. Safety is one of the most important aspects of breast enhancements. Unfortunately, unqualified personnel can often compromise safety just to finish the job. This is why it really is not a good idea to go with breast enhancement service providers who do not have a reputation just to save money. Women should remember that their health should not be compromised in order to get their breasts enlarged for a lower price.
In order to avoid the damages of the downside of breast enhancements, it is highly recommended that women should understand and focus their attention on breast enhancements and its benefits. They should also keep the downsides in mind. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to talk with a reliable doctor with a good reputation. The doctor can then make a woman undergo counselling first in order to determine if she has the mental capacity to deal with her new breasts.

A Breast Enlargement Breakthrough

breastpump2I’ve never been a huge fan of breast enlargement pumps. Most pumps out there are useless pieces of junk.
Herbs, on the other hand, are easy and effective – and since they work on a hormonal level, their feminizing effects go beyond breast enlargement.
But recently, there’s been a BREAKTHROUGH in high quality, effective breast enlargement pumps. And I’ve seen such great results from these gadgets that I finally changed my mind!
Here are 2 reasons to start using a breast enlargement pump:
1. Breast enlargement pumps stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion.
Studies show that applying tension to an area leads to tissue growth. Surgeons use this technique (known as “tissue expansion”) to regenerate skin, bones and other tissues.
Guess what? It also works for breasts! Applying vacuum pressure to your breasts stimulates real growth over the long run.
2. Breast enlargement pumps give you an instant size boost.
Besides long-term growth, breast pumps give you an instant size boost by increasing blood flow to the breasts. This swelling only lasts a few hours, but you can enjoy the results in the meantime. Who couldn’t use a breast boost before going out or stepping in front of the camera?
The breast enlargement pump you get matters. A lot of pumps come in one size only, are uncomfortable and don’t provide the optimal suction for growth. Stay away from these.
Two models that work well for TG women are the Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty. Both have different-sized domes for a custom fit.
The Noogleberry costs about $60 and has a hand pump, while the Bosom Beauty is $130 for the airlock manual system and $490 for the Bosom Beauty 2012 mechanical pump system. The Bosom Beauty 2012 has the strongest suction, but the drawback is that you have to stay hooked to a machine while you use it. Both can be used for 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.
But don’t think this means you should give up herbs. Combine a pump with the herb and massage routine outlined in The Flat to Fem Breast Enlargement Program and the results will amaze you!

Using Anti-Aging Products in Your Skincare Routine

Anti-aging is the process of using products to slow down our body’s natural aging process and help men and women to stay looking young as they grow older.
Many people might shy away from the topic of anti-aging because they don’t want to admit that it’s time to start thinking about it but for people who want to keep themselves looking young all throughout their lives it’s better to start an anti-aging routine now than later.

Use Sunscreen Everywhere

One of the best anti ageing wrinkle products that anyone can use to fight back against the aging process is sun screen. This low cost product will help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and give your body extra protection against skin cancer and other nasty problems that can come with prolonged exposure to the sun.
Contrary to the public belief that sunscreen should only be used on sunny days it’s actually better to use sunscreen anytime you go outside because you’re more likely to get burned worse on an overcast day than on a sunny day.

Moisturize as Much as Possible

Ask any woman to show you the creams or lotions that she has in her purse and she most likely will be able to show you one or more and women apply their lotions and creams often during the day. Some men have a problem with moisturizing and only do it in the comfort of their bathrooms when this should be done during the day as well. Every man or woman should be moisturizing in the morning, afternoon and evening with a great cream or lotion that’s high in Vitamin E because this is the primary vitamin that our skin needs to fight back against the ageing process.

Take Some Vitamins

One of the best ways that anyone can fight back against the ageing process is to take a regular multivitamin that’s high in antioxidants because antioxidants help our bodies to fight back against free radicals and build healthy, clear skin.