Sunday, June 08, 2014

Indecent dressing

There are different modes of dressing around the world reflecting the various available cultures. A particular mode of dressing can be used to identify a certain society as a people. But regrettably, in the present day society, dressings reflecting people’s cultural background and scriptural admonition have been thrown to the dogs. Thus it is very common these days to see people of both sexes particularly young persons, mostly students of higher institutions of learning dressing indecently and abnormally. These can be buttressed by such dresses that expose people’s bust, chest, abdominal parts, arms, the buttocks and other sensitive parts. It is not uncommon to see young girls particularly students, dress in trousers, transparent materials, mini skirt that exposes their thighs, blouses that exposes their breasts an armpits and other irregular dresses that the scriptures shave forbidden.
On the other hand, young men appear in female outfits exemplified by ear-rings and hairdo. These types of dressing are influence by a combination of factors. A typical source of influence is foreign culture. Travelling, pictures, films and stories have exposed our young men and women to dressing that is out of tone with indigenous culture. For instance, such dresses like spaghetti tops, wicked straps, tubes and show –me-your-belly are part of our culture but those outfits worn by Hollywood superstars. Fashion is another influential factor. Our young people copy fashions that are not conductive to our environment. Parental influence cannot be rolled out. Most parents especially those who have been to one foreign country or the other come back and dress the way of the countries of their visit only for their children and wards to emulate.
Another source of influence is that young girls who dress indecently have adults, some of them political office holders, captains of industries and those at the helm of affairs of responsible agencies, who encourage them to do so to their joy and satisfaction rather than discouraging and correct them.
The nations universities and polytechnics are common grounds for these indecent dressing where visitors behold their nude female students wriggling their half-necked from the gate to the hostels as if they are whores desperate for patronage.

Churches are not left out as it is common to see men and women, who are supposed to be models for the young ones, dress indecently, even to churches of God. The consequences of indecent dressing are obvious. It debases womanhood. It speaks evil of the society where it obtains. Irresponsible, undisciplined and greedy men are attracted and this earns young girls rape, indecent assault, HIV/AIDS and stigmatization to mention a few.
The way out is for adults in the society to dress well and honorably to constitute good models for the younger generation. State and National Assemblies should enact laws outlawing indecent dressing while the society should place stiff penalties on culprits. Above all, everybody should bear in mind that the way one dresses is the way one is addresses.

Dressing well: What are the benefits?

 Why do people look good? Why do people spend huge amount of money to purchase nice clothes? Why do people desire to look their best? I never knew the true answers to these questions until I had the opportunity to look my best. Modest dressing is a powerful tool that can be used to one’s favour. Some weeks ago, a young lady bought some new collections of clothes for me. When I unwrapped those clothes which was wonderfully packaged then I realized how much she had spent on buying those clothes. Why did she decide to spend such amount of money on me? I asked myself.

A couple of days later, I decided to wear those clothes. Those clothes, if the truth be said, are quite expensive. They were perfectly fitted on me. As I stepped out of my environs, it commanded a new look on me. An aura of significant and relevance radiated from me as I count my steps! Little wonder do people always say ‘Always look your best’ One of those quotes that changed my life was ‘You do not always have a second chance to correct your first wrong impression’ First impression matters a lot. Briefly I will be sharing with you the benefits of looking good from my bit of experience and understanding.

It commands respect:
Most people care less about how they look. Most people do not place high value on themselves. When we look good it sends a signal across every living soul that sees you. When you dress ‘tight’ people hold you on high regards. The way a man on shabby dresses would be treated will never be the same way a man on suit will be treated. On one of those occasions when I looked my best, I recalled vividly entering a cyber room to surf the internet. As I walked in majestically, people looked intently at me. I could sense their mind saying ‘Men! This guy looks good’. Immediately, a young man quickly asked me ‘Do you want to browse?’ at that very moment so many thoughts surged through my mind. ‘Why did this young man treat me this way even when I never asked him to’? He quickly stood up so I could sit down. That incidence was an eye-opener for me. So when you look good people have no other choice than to look at you twice and respect you because you first respected yourself by placing high value on your image.

It  draws attention to you :
I believe ladies understand this concept very well. If a lady wants to draw attraction to her self what she simply does is to make sure she dresses attractively. Many ladies can go as far as exposing  erogenous parts of their body just to make all eyes fixed on her. Like they say ‘Men are moved by want they see’. But the essence of this article is not to promote indecent dressing. You do not have to dress almost naked for you to look good. Modest or corporate dressing is a powerful tool that can be used to draw the attention of people to you. But this should not be the sole reason for you to always look good.

Public speakers also use this tool to win the hearts of their audience. As a public speaker you must make sure you always look your best in order to convince your audience very easily. Bankers look their best so they could win customers to their bank. Salesmen and marketers also look their best so people could easily hear them out when they try to sell their product. Looking good is a great strategy one could use to call the attention of others if one has something of value to offer to them. In return, it connects them
Good looking connects you.
It brings you favour  :
Why do many books on interviews always stress on looking good? I once read a particular book when I needed a job some two years back. In the book ‘Getting your dream job’ the author advises that when  looking for a job you should endeavor to dress like a person who has already gotten the job. What he was trying to say is this: If you are looking for a job at a bank, then you have to dress like a banker. Good looking brings favour to you where ever you go. 
Joseph, one of the finest King ever chronicled in Egypt, before he assumed king, he had the gift for interpreting dreams. He had helped many people interpret dreams that came true. He once interpreted a dream for an in-mate in the prison where he was confined. He told the man that his dreams was going to make him prosperous, that the king was going release him and promote him to a high position at the palace. But he beseeched the man for one favour-that the man should not forget him after he has attained such heights at the palace. After two years, this same man forgot every thing about Joseph and never mentioned his name at all to King Pharaoh as they initially agreed. 
To cut the long story short, there came a time when the incumbent king (Pharoah) needed a person who could interpret his dreams since all his wise men with magic could not. It was then that this man remembered Joseph. Joseph was summoned to the palace. But Joseph understood the benefits of looking good. The holy book noted "he quickly took his bath, shaved and changed in another rainment"  before meeting with the King. If you are to meet with an important person always look your best and that one act will make him favour you.

It gives you a glimpse of your potentials:
Can you recall how you felt one of those days when you wore a very expensive and good looking dress? Do you feel the aura that welled up inside of you? I could remember my first attemp wearing a suit. I felt like flying away!. I felt very significant! I felt like a son to Barrack Obama. You see friends, when you look good, you look very important. You begin to imagine how you would look when you had all the money, when you had your car, and that dream Job. Good looking projects us into the future. It gives you a glimpse of your potential of becoming successful in life.

Some one once told me. ‘I don’t have enough money to buy dresses’ but let me tell you the bitter truth. You do not need to have all the money in the world to look good. There are places where you could get well fitted and adornable clothes for almost nothing. Always make sure the few clothes you have are well maintained. My friend Victor Obagidi taught me how to look good. He always makes sure his clothes are well ironed. He will never step out with his clothes not ironed. So  henceforth, learn to place some value on your self image. You are very important but always remember ‘You will be addressed just the way you dress’.

Health Benefits of Snake Oil

Snake oil is a preparation that comes from the Chinese water snake and which is used widely in the treatment of joint pain. This is an 'alternative' treatment for arthritis and similar conditions, and one that has gotten a bad name for itself and become synonymous with phony medications and in fact all bogus products. If someone describes something as 'snake oil' then this is essentially a colloquialism for something that won't work. This of course doesn't bode well for the efficacy of snake oil, but here we will have a look at whether there is any merit to it.
How Does Snake Oil Work?
Originally snake oil came from China and was known as shéyóu. Here it was used as a remedy for inflammatory pain and particularly joint pain. It is still used for this purpose today. Elsewhere however it has been used for many other purposes – such as a cure for male pattern baldness in ancient Egypt when mixed with lion, hippopotamus, crocodile, tomcat oils and Nubian ibex. The reason it widely believed to be effective is that it contains more eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) than any other sources.
The exact ingredients of most snake oils you would buy today vary greatly, but would tend to be around 75% carrier material, and 25% oils from Chinese water snakes which would consist of the aforementioned EPA which is an omega-3 fatty acid, along with myristic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.
Omega-3 fatty acids have long been believed to be effective in treating joint pain and are used by doctors to treat arthritis. EPA can be absorbed through the skin, and is also responsible for the formation of series three prostaglandins which help to reduce inflammation. This would work like aspirin and would help to thin the blood and therefore could in theory also be used to treat high blood pressure. Likewise the fatty acids should also help to improve neurotransmission in the brain, and fatty acids are often praised for the positive impact they can have on the brain. Likewise they could in theory help to prevent Alzheimer's and dementia.
On top of all this, the oil in snake oil could also be used to replace the oil in the skin making this a moisturizer and a treatment for psoriasis or eczema.
Does Snake Oil Work?
That's the theory, but does snake oil actually work? Well that all depends on who you ask, and evidence has proven inconclusive. That said, the idea that it could help to reduce swelling and joint pain makes sense from a scientific perspective as long as the EPA is absorbed through the skin which is an area of uncertainty. It's certainly unlikely that rubbing snake oil into your wrist will help to improve brain function as some sources claim, but it might just help with your arthritis – certainly if it's cheap it doesn't hurt as something to try.
In the past the problem with snake oil was that it was over hyped by peddlers who promised it would be a silver bullet for any ailment. This has given the snake oil a bad name, and unfortunately similar peddling goes on today as big companies promise unrealistic benefits while often not using the correct ingredients – several brands of snake oil don't contain the Chinese water snake oil at all.

In conclusion the old peddlers of snake oil over hyped their product and mis-sold it – it certainly isn't a magical cure. However that said, it's also possible that the modern day reputation of snake oil may be a little unfair and that it may have some merit. So read reviews, read the ingredients and give it a go to make up your own mind. Meanwhile you can achieve similar results with cod liver oil tablets and aspirin.