Sunday, June 08, 2014

Indecent dressing

There are different modes of dressing around the world reflecting the various available cultures. A particular mode of dressing can be used to identify a certain society as a people. But regrettably, in the present day society, dressings reflecting people’s cultural background and scriptural admonition have been thrown to the dogs. Thus it is very common these days to see people of both sexes particularly young persons, mostly students of higher institutions of learning dressing indecently and abnormally. These can be buttressed by such dresses that expose people’s bust, chest, abdominal parts, arms, the buttocks and other sensitive parts. It is not uncommon to see young girls particularly students, dress in trousers, transparent materials, mini skirt that exposes their thighs, blouses that exposes their breasts an armpits and other irregular dresses that the scriptures shave forbidden.
On the other hand, young men appear in female outfits exemplified by ear-rings and hairdo. These types of dressing are influence by a combination of factors. A typical source of influence is foreign culture. Travelling, pictures, films and stories have exposed our young men and women to dressing that is out of tone with indigenous culture. For instance, such dresses like spaghetti tops, wicked straps, tubes and show –me-your-belly are part of our culture but those outfits worn by Hollywood superstars. Fashion is another influential factor. Our young people copy fashions that are not conductive to our environment. Parental influence cannot be rolled out. Most parents especially those who have been to one foreign country or the other come back and dress the way of the countries of their visit only for their children and wards to emulate.
Another source of influence is that young girls who dress indecently have adults, some of them political office holders, captains of industries and those at the helm of affairs of responsible agencies, who encourage them to do so to their joy and satisfaction rather than discouraging and correct them.
The nations universities and polytechnics are common grounds for these indecent dressing where visitors behold their nude female students wriggling their half-necked from the gate to the hostels as if they are whores desperate for patronage.

Churches are not left out as it is common to see men and women, who are supposed to be models for the young ones, dress indecently, even to churches of God. The consequences of indecent dressing are obvious. It debases womanhood. It speaks evil of the society where it obtains. Irresponsible, undisciplined and greedy men are attracted and this earns young girls rape, indecent assault, HIV/AIDS and stigmatization to mention a few.
The way out is for adults in the society to dress well and honorably to constitute good models for the younger generation. State and National Assemblies should enact laws outlawing indecent dressing while the society should place stiff penalties on culprits. Above all, everybody should bear in mind that the way one dresses is the way one is addresses.