Monday, September 23, 2013


We all have known from school that clothing is one of our basic needs. And as one of the needs, clothing is important in order for us to survive. However, do we really know the real importance of clothing? Well for some, they may say that they may live without wearing any clothing but the fact that it is just the opposite makes wearing clothes a need indeed.
Clothes are important as it covers our body. It protects us from extreme temperatures like the harsh cold during winter and the hotness during summer. With proper clothing, we can easily feel comfortable and even control the temperature of our own bodies. Thick clothing can help us insulate our bodies to fight cold and comfortable ones will help us to feel cool during summer. This is how important clothing is when it comes to survival.
Aside from weather protection, clothes also give us other purposes. In today’s time, clothes are important as moral values dictate us that we need to have clothing whenever we go outside. Even some law requires us to put some clothes. Company and even school policies also apply wearing proper clothes or uniforms whenever we work or go to school. These purposes are indeed important as there are punishments for not following the proper wearing of clothes.
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