Sunday, September 08, 2013


We need to know all that sneezing is a way of defending the body or mechanism to prevent the entry of germs, bacteria and other foreign substances into our bodies, if you sneeze the same way you prevent thwart the release of germs and dirt out of your nose due to sneeze the air and debris that surround the nasal cavity so that the nose will come out clean and feels good when breathing, no distractions.

In addition to the above sneezing functions can also activate the brain and relieve your body. Deliberately thwart sneeze can cause hearing loss, emphysema (occurs because a person often hold sneeze), besides nosebleeds, impaired balance and dizziness came from others.

When we are in a place that is dirty or germs then sneezing very stony, but if at the time of the meeting or the meeting then asked permission to a quiet room to sneeze because if at the same place then the person is in the room was disturbed by because it means a sneeze sneezing germs, dirt, and even germs, do not forget to cover your nose with a tissue,

At allergy to pollen, dust or mold making sneeze. The nose, which act as filters, work to eliminate this allergy to drive them through sneezing. Allergies are entering the nose are often made of tiny particles, it may take a few sneezes to relieve the irritation. Furthermore, as long as we remain in contact with the allergen environment, we will continue to sneeze periodically.