Saturday, November 09, 2013

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips – A Source of Inspiration to Others

Hollywood celebrities change their shape drastically; some stars are always on the verge of losing weight while some are gaining it to play a particular role in movies or shows. Read along some of the celebrity weight loss stories if you want some motivation to lose some pounds.
Look at Jennifer Hudson, she can’t be happier anymore for having this much determination to lose her weight. This star has been getting training from Harley Pasternak and has been satisfied with what she has learnt from Weight Watchers. Celebrities like Hudson know exactly which foods to stay away from and which food items to eat in order to stay healthy. You can see the results for yourself; the diet program followed by her, resulted in dropping off some extra pounds and now she’s in a perfect shape.
What about the celebrity weight loss tips? There are a number of tips that you can benefit from.
You can get a number of tips from such celebrity weight loss success stories. If you are a coffee addict then you should swap coffee for soy drinks just as Angelina Jolie did. Try having soya bean juice, soy milk and other soy drinks because they offer long lasting energy as compared to coffee. Moreover, it also helps in building muscles.
Another celebrity weight loss tip is to start back muscle exercise instead of doing front exercise every time you go to gym. Working on back muscles will help you retain a good posture.
An amazing weight loss tip which is also associated with the celebrity, Kelly Clarkson, is resisting yourself from sugar cravings. Whenever you feel cravings for sugar, turn yourself to some other alternative just like Kelly did to frozen grapes.
Say no to white food; rice, white bread, cake, crackers etc tend to increase your cravings for food and eventually, you feel hungry all the time which is definitely not a good thing for people willing to lose some weight. Learn something from the famous Cameron Diaz who tried real hard to cut her diet on white food items. Eventually, Diaz’s decision to cut on white food items showed positive results and helped her achieve the dream weight she has been working on since long.
Many women celebrities, especially actresses and models have fitness secrets relating to losing weight after giving birth to a child. You will find many examples like Amy Adams, Ellen Pompeo, Molly and the list goes on.
Among these mentioned names, Molly was successful in maintaining a healthy life by following a healthy diet consisting green vegetables while cutting on sugar. Amy’s advice to others is to do exercise and walk whereby following a healthy diet. Ellen is also of the view that she achieved weight loss by cutting on processed foods and eating more vegetables and fruits.
One can find a dozens of similar examples when these famous stars worked so hard to lose their weight. Obviously, it is important for such celebrities to ace their roles and be on top and for that, even if they have to lose 100 lb they can do every possible thing they can think of