Sunday, November 03, 2013

The need for a healthy and beautiful lips

The lips are one of the most erotic and attractive parts of the body, are the doors through which we express what we want and feel, with them kiss and make gestures of sweetness or disapproval, allow us to gesticulate emotions and feelings. There are many ways to keep them healthy and beautiful, these tips will help you accentuate their appeal and to avoid and prevent some of their most frequent problems.

Dry lips

The lips have very thin and sensitive skin, which sometimes tends to dry out or crack with dry or cold weather. To prevent this or help to regain your fresh lips, it is necessary to follow these tips:
  • Avoid sucking on your lips as the saliva dries. If you have this habit, it is best to try to avoid it. There are some very healthy ways to break habits unnecessary in this case could take a water bottle wherever you go and give small sips instead of licking with your tongue.
  • If it is cold or windy and you're going to go out, rub some aloe vera cream with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil over your lips.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water to prevent drying.
  • If they are cracked, it is best to gently spread some cucumber cream, royal jelly or aloe. It is important to check your diet because your skin may be lacking in some important as vitamin E or A. It could also be due to lack of folic acid, vitamin B2, B6 or B12. For this, you need to include in your diet green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, potatoes and yeast. Include in your diet foods rich in these vitamins such as carrots, papaya, olives, sesame, walnuts, peanuts, amaranth, etc.

Lips with cold sores

Canker or cold sores can be corrected naturally with simple tips. If you have sores in the mouth, it is best not apply ointments or medications or pharmacy for all this chlorine irritates the skin and also makes your defense system weakens, and that healing is through artificial irritation perhaps remove the wound but does not serve the body that recovers by itself, so the time could come more and need more and stronger medications. If you really want to eradicate this condition follow these tips:
  • Include in your diet foods high in vitamin C and E. Eliminate or avoid the most of the white sugar and derivatives are only helping to proliferate infections.
  • Prepare one liter of pure water with two tablespoons of chlorophyll and the juice of half a lemon. Drink at least 2 liters of water during the day.
  • Take a fresh garlic clove fasting, garlic is an excellent bactericide, to help combat the problem and strengthen your defense system.
  • To help it dry faster and prevent outbreaks departing else, put it on the boil orange peels or lemon, or bits of fresh garlic in a poultice. Leave them there as long as you can. Maybe burn a little, but this solution is truly a marvel.

Flakes on the lips

For this, you just have to keep your lips well lubricated and nourished. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and drinking enough water, you need to rub vitamin E rich oil such as almond, jojoba or olive whenever you feel flakes. Avoid pulling them so your skin does not hurt.

Beauty Tips:

  • In fact, if you maintain good nutrition and hydration, your lips won’t need more care. In fact, should be spread only once in a while a good moisturizer and makeup to avoid lip may be of poor quality or toxic.
  • If you will be exposed much time in the sun, use sunscreen on your lips.
  • The lips: The lips of Angelina Jolie became fashionable, and there are now some beauty products that, through irritating your lips, help these look red. Actually, I do not think this is a good alternative, it is healthier, if you want this look, trying to hide with a lipstick outlining the contour of your lips, gently breaking the part that delimits.
  • And finally, if you want to make your lips more attractive, try to express them honesty and trust in what you are, when talking about speaking with soft words and gentle but clear, direct and firm, and do not forget to give a smile whenever possible.